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JB Arms - Howard Block - May 11, 2012 RIP

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nfasalesNEW0202   John Thedford/NFA Sales
               We Buy Machine Guns
               Fastest Cash in the USA
   Payment in Full in Advance, Top Prices Paid
  Click the Banner to Sell Your Guns        

Ruben Banner final with CC02  Ruben Mendiola/DealerNFA
               No Collection too Large
           LE Transactions Welcome
     Finder’s Fees Paid-Class III Dealer Since 1985
                   Please Visit my New Website
The Class III Dealer Yellow Pages of the Internet

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The Class III Dealer Yellow Pages of the Internet

2015AnimBanner305         MWT - Frank’s Guns

Double Tap Firearms
Pennsylvania FFL/Class 3 Dealer
(570) 419-6963

Investment Quality Machine Guns
David Spiwak - Central Pennsylvania’s Premier Dealer
Ruger AC556 Specialist

Double Tap Firearms
We offer fingerprinting & passport photos

David Spiwak

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