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Price Guides last updated: July 2017

The State of ... Prices seem to be almost stabilizing as the manic run up of H&K sears and sear guns has slowed. Many other categories are catching up. It’s not unusual to see West Hurley Thompsons and AR15 conversions over $20k. Maybe it’s a calm before a new storm or the summer doldrums. Time will tell.

The new Form 4 (and 1) are without a CLEO certification section according to new post 42P rules. A completed copy of the form has to be sent to your CLEO before you send it to ATF NFA. They will not accept an old Form 4.

Take note of charts showing variations between similarly named guns. One a comparison of H&K MP5s with registered sears, clip-on trigger groups and swing-down triggers. Note that similar variations are true for other H&K guns. H&K sears have a distinct chart that can assist that valuation. Another chart compares UZI Registered Receivers to Registered Bolts. Finally, a  comparison chart of “regular” M60s to E4-6 (MK43 Mod x) to M60s originally built by Saco Maremont.

The NRA Board elections are complete and unfortunately Adam Kraut wasn’t elected. Additionally, the member nullification bylaw changes were approved making it much more difficult for grassroots nominations in the future. Adam Kraut still needs your support for 2018. He’s very NFA friendly and the type of person we need on the NRA board. You can fill out a petition and read more about him at

General Ranting -   Obamacare and You

With the failure of our rulers in the Senate to remove or, at least repair, Obamacare, maybe it's time to review how it affects us all. Before we start, let's get something clear. Obamacare is not about healthcare; it's about health insurance. US healthcare is the best in the world with the best outcomes. For a variety of reasons, it's also the most expensive, but that has little to do with insurance.

Most of us are not directly affected by Obamacare. We get our health insurance either through our employers or Medicare. The surtax on income does not kick in below $200k. so that also doesn't directly affect most of us. The people directly affected are those that are self-employed or employees/owners of very small businesses. Their insurance premiums have increased significantly, some over 100% so far. Happily that includes many lawyers, but that’s a whole other story.

Obamacare is another government sponsered Ponzi scheme, like social security. Young, healthy people are supposed to buy health insurance subsidizing the older and unhealthier that need health insurance. Regardless of what you may think, the young (and healthy) are not completely stupid and have not bought into the plan. They would rather pay the tax (or the not a tax) than buy high priced health insurance that they will probably never use.

Enter the insurance companies that are naturally trying to make a profit under the Obamacare scheme. They are raising rates, limiting choices or just plain leaving markets while attempting to remain profitable. In a way it’s self destructive in that their reponse is to raise rates and lose subscribers causing them to raise rates even higher and lose even more subscribers. Most likely they don't really care about those subscribers because they can't raise rates high enough and fast enough to ever remain profitable with normal subscribers. Where they can make money is with poor people that qualify for Obamacare subsidies. The government subsidies make the health insurance premium insensitive to price and guarantee insurance company profits.

So if nothing changes, here's what becomes of Obamacare.

    The real rich or top .1% either self insure or pay whatever the insurance rate is.

    What the government calls rich (which is really most of the middle class) either,

      Gets health insurance through their employer
      Qualifies for Medicare
      Pays exorbitant health insurance rates if they can get it
      Remains uninsured

    The lower of the middle class can't afford health insurance and don't qualify for high enough subsidies so they remain uninsured unless they get insurance through their employer

    The poor don't care what health insurance costs because the government is footing most of the bill.

You may not be directly affected, but you surely know people that are. These people will be taking big risks with their health services and some will need medical procedures that they can't afford. People may become a burden to society instead of a benificial member because of unfulfilled medical needs brought about by the lack of health insurance. Not a result that anybody wants.

So Obamacare left alone morphs into poor people care with 1000s of pages of regulations guaranteed to make it even more costly and inefficient. Quite an Affordable Care (for everyone) Act.

More of the STILL Continuing JPFO Rant - There’s been a few negative comments about this, but if you had a father or grandfather that fought in the Pacific during WWII, you may be alive today due to the nuclear bombing of Japan that ended the war in the Pacific. At least 1 million US and up to 4 million Japanese lives were saved when Japan surrendered, negating the anticipated invasion of Japan. My dad was Army Air Force in India and Burma during the war and was being readied for the invasion. His life was likely spared due to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For JFPO to allow revisionists a voice to equate these events with the Nazi Holocaust is disgusting. This rant will stay until JFPO addresses the issue. It’s been many years and haven’t heard from them yet. If you don’t like it, skip it or try out your delete key.

UPDATE On JPFO - Apparently JPFO has fallen apart after the death of Mr. Zellman and other unfortunate events befallen their leadership. They have merged with the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) sometime in  4Q 2014. SAF’s leader, Alan Gottlieb has previously stated his opposition to Class III guns, while barely tolerating semi-automatic weapons. Additionally, Gottlieb supported the Toomey/Manchen universal background check/gun registration bill. Maybe not the best of friends for automatic weapon advocates. I expressed my reservations about the “Japanese genocide” to Alan Korwin of who has joined with SAF/JPFO to promote their alliance and received a big fat no response. I even bought one of his books; how ungrateful!

 JPFO used to be a no-nonsense civil rights organization with special emphasis on the rights of self defense. Unique for a Jewish organization. Then Mr. Zellman passed away and they may have lost their compass. Last October (2011!), one of their correspondents penned an article about government sponsored genocides that included this paragraph:

    I've seen many other programs about the Nazi Holocaust -- or Shoah (the  "Catastrophe") as it's also been called -- and so have you. Along with  the Turkish slaughter of the Armenians, the Chinese "Massacre of the  Landlords", Stalin's deadly crimes, (I would also include what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and the insanity of the Cambodian Killing  Fields, the Nazi Holocaust, the principal horror of the 20th century,  was the crowning achievement of untrammeled statism in an age which, not by any means coincidentally, saw the rise of the gigantic super-government.”

Include what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki among the genocides of the 20th Century? We know what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Nuclear bombs were dropped on Japanese cites causing widespread destruction and massive casualties causing the previously reticent Japanese to surrender. Subsequently, the planned invasion of Japan was canceled, saving millions of Japanese and Allied lives. The casualties numbered in the hundreds of thousands. JPFO was way out-of-line to equate those acts of war with the 100s of millions liquidated by their own governments. You be the judge as I still haven’t seen any retraction from JPFO.

Machine Gun Price Guide - The definite source of machine gun price information on the Internet. The MGP contains price information for over 100 transferable automatic weapons. Navigate to the Price Guides to find a particular category and select a thumbnail for a full screen display of an easily understandable chart of average prices and trends in a high/low window over many years of history.

The uniqueness of our Constitution and the rights recognized and protected by the Bill of Rights makes the US  one of the only countries in the world to allow civilian ownership of automatic weapons. This privilege is controlled by various laws and regulations that exist to control and restrict ownership. Regardless of your stand on the fairness or even the constitutionality of the regulations, follow the links below to begin understanding what defines a machine gun an individual may own and how to acquire/dispose of them in ordinary commerce.

Links You Don’t Want to Miss

Transferability - What’s a “Transferable Gun”?

NFA Forms

The Transfer - How to Sell (Buy) a Machine Gun


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